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    Hi, please take a look and give a critique. Thanks!!

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    I'm supposed to be in hiding so pretend I'm not here.

    You have asked for a critique of your website. I will be frank, I will be honest, I am opinionated and you may not like my opinions; read with a grain of salt and ignore anything you find to be irritating. If you wish, send me a PM and I will delete the critique.

    Quote Originally Posted by gruenphotodesign View Post
    Hi, please take a look and give a critique. Thanks!!
    • Are you really an LLC, "Limited Liability Corporation" ? Most people that use this title aren't because there are costs involved in setting up an LLC. When I see LLC I look for proof that this is the case. When I don't find it in the about page I assume that the LLC is a misappropriating of the title; which is a legal designation. This puts a mark against using anyone not showing a justification for the title. It's not a bad idea to be an LLC or some form of legal entity to separate your business from your personal finances. You don't want to lose everything you own because you royally fouled up a big wedding and are being sued for $100'000 in damages. (Dropped a camera, tipped over a vase, vase hit a candle, candle caught the curtain on fire, sprinklers went off and ruined the floor, the ceiling, the wedding, and $50'000 worth of finery)
    • I don't like the two images on the landing page. The image associated with the blog looks to have a large black blob towards the center. Photographically I don't like the fact that the shadows are black as night. I know it's hard to shoot with golden light but the light here isn't flattering; consider a different picture.
    • The "your wedding" picture on the right is was too casual. These people aren't dressed well enough to be on their way to a movie. The hospital looking building in the background isn't a great PR photo for your business. Again, the shadows are harsh and the entire left side of the image is too dark.
    • the tags on the bottom of the landing page should be in white text so that they're hidden from view.
    • By tagging yourself as a photojournalistic type wedding photographer you may lose half your audience before they even enter the site. I don't know about you but I would much prefer a Fine Art photographer to a photojournalist, after all, I'm not hiring you to write about it. I want stunning photos. let the potential client decide on what your style is based on your wedding galleries. The "splash image on the wedding photography page isn't photojournalism but it's a wonderful photo. I could fault a couple of things with that image but it would mostly be nit-picking.

    Now for the wedding photographer part
    • As a personal preference and nothing that is good or bad really, I would like to click on the information "radio button" and have it do something; perhaps bring up a separate splash with the choices listed off the left.
    • About us - the picture of Jason looks like he's glazed over a little and the eyes don't look to be 110% sharp. Not a bad photo but it could be better. If Jason were shooting at my wedding, I would hope he dressed better. The photo of Kasey looks like it could be marginally sharper as well. The white spot on her lip is distracting. I'm not overly fond of either composition and I would prefer the people to be on the right and not on the left. This has to do with right left orientation. Kasey in particular looks to be in a hurry and looks like she's ready to run out of the frame to the left if given half a chance.
    • Less is more. I'm never going to read all of that text unless I'm a fan. An about page with a scroll bar is too much.
    • My point of view: you can't artistically capture images "based on a photojournalistic style". Photojournalism and art photography have very little in common. I might choose to talk to you in the end based on your website but I will look for someone else that bills themselves as artist bringing your wedding to life though fine art photography (with portfolio to back up the claim)

    OK, I can see that I'm not going to dissuade you from the word "photojournalism". It is everywhere. It must work for you if you've been doing this for 7 years.

    Are you really transferring all copyrights of the images to the clients? If you do, you don't have the right to post them on your website because they're no longer yours. Allowing the customer to have the original files and the rights to reproduce the photos is one thing. It's completely different to transfer the copyrights to the client.
    Over all, one of the better wedding sites I've looked at. Just a word of caution, if you have really transfered all copyrights to the clients you need to examine the repercussions of this. At the point of transfer, you no longer have any rights to the images and you could actually be sued for copyright infringement for posting the images on your website or selling copies to other members of the wedding party. At the very least, your right to continue to use the images should be clearly defined.

    If you take strong exception to anything I've said, let me know and I will alter or delete my comments to the extent that I can.

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    First off, I'm not a professional so I can't really offer critique from that standpoint. I can tell you what would attract me as a potential client though. I really like a lot f your photos but honestly there were too many to look at in the wedding section. I think you should choose fewer photos that really make an impact to put on your site, then if people want to see more they can go to your blog. I felt like the really strong photos got lost among the types of photos you would get from any other wedding photographer. Many of the pictures are redundant as well. As a client, it's boring to look at a bunch of posed photos of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Heck, I get bored even looking at the ones from my own wedding. You have a few interesting ones though, so keep those. I don't want to see the same type of shot over and over again from different weddings. I appreciate that you have a lot to look at, but I think you should take down photos that wouldn't 'sell' a potential client on your photography. Hit 'em hard right away with your best stuff and that will get their attention. Then they will go to your blog to see more because they will be seriously considering you. So they'll see a ton of you photos anyway.

    I don't know if it makes a difference in what I saw but I viewed your site on my iphone. I appreciated that you had a site that was iphone-friendly and easy to view.

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    great, thanks so much for the detailed comments guys!
    no problem with any of them...
    i will only address these:
    - we are indeed an LLC
    - iphone / smartphone site is greatly slimmed down; take a look from a computer for the full version

    anybody else - photos you like/hate
    speed/flow of site ok?

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    Remind me not to have Charles critique my site!

    Gruen and I are in the same town. Heidi-ho, neighbor. Don't worry, no competition here. You can have all the weddings you want.
    I pack two things wherever I go: A gun and a camera. You probably don't want to end up in front of either one.

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    ha, thanks karma
    asheville is a wonderful & super fun small city
    anybody else out there with commentary?


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