School shootings aren't just for Americans

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    Well, here comes the little southern redneck girl to chime in and give her loudmouthed opinion ...

    It always amazes me how quick others will trample on other people's rights because of some dirt bag but I'm uneducated too. Maybe there are just evil people in this world who are going to do evil things now matter how many laws we put on the books or how many rights we take away from lawful people.
    My thoughts and prayers go to the people affected also but stop blaming an object and put the blame where it should go, the evil person.
    OFG, you hit it dead on ... I happen to be a firearms owner (since the age of four, I might add.) Everyone I know has firearms. The difference between me and the morons ... I was taught, before I was ever allowed to touch a weapon, all the laws, rules and regs. I was taught to respect the weapon and to handle it properly. If, at any time, the rules were broken, no matter how slight, my weapon was removed and I was not allowed to handle it again until I was 're-educated' to the satisfaction of my father. My kids, who are also firearms owners, have been given the same education and set of laws to live by.

    As has been stated, guns don't kill people, morons kill people. Dimented people kill people. Sick people kill people. Mean people kill people.

    It's time for our country to stop b*tching about the shape of our kids, the woes and ills of society and do something about it. It's time that our kids are taught to take responsibility for their actions and not be allowed to blame the full moon, their bottles being taken away too early, the parents spanking them or whatever other kooky sorry excuses they come up with, including music and video games. If you commit an illegal act, whether it's cheating, stealing, fighting or murder ... pay the price. There are rules and there are consequences for those rules if they are broken. Suck it up ... you were big enough to commit the crime, you're big enough to pay the price.

    In most cases guns aren't really that necessary.

    On the other hand I think that it is unfortunate that our culture gets so excited about guns. I find this childish infatuation with guns to be an unfortunate consequence of a culture that has nothing better to to than woship its implements of destruction. Don't prohibit guns, but don't celebrate them either. They're just tools after all. A plumber doesn't keep a wide selection of chef's knives in his tool kit so why do some people insist on collecting tools that we don't need. If you are a hunter then it makes sense to own such tools, but if you don't then what the hell are you planning to do with these expensive weapons?

    In the end stupitidy seems to be the greatest killer in North America and untill we find a cure for that we are going continue watching people die needlessly.

    Motorcycles are a hobby. Boating is a hobby. All these things are expensive. All these things can and are considered sports events. As are many firearms competitions. My 17 year old happens to be a competitive shooter. Why not celebrate what he's good at?

    Stupidity isn't the greatest killer in North America.

    Ignorance is.

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    One issue I have heard over and over again here in Toronto, is the fact that in the US, people are allowed to own guns. In Canada ya cant. long as you can go purchase a gun, it is just a matter of getting it into Canada, which can be sold on the street. The Government thinks that banning guns is the way to go,this will still not stop the sale of illegal guns on the street. These guns get into the hands of people that are ready to use them, in any type of crime. As long as they are a few bricks short of a full load, they have no care on when they use these. Look at the boxing day shootings. In a crowded downtown street , on the busiest shopping day of the year, two gangs got into a gun fight, killin an innocent 16 year old girl. All the guns they used were illigally purchased, but gang members on the street.
    Two interesting with letters.

    Please dont take this as an attack on the US. I LOVE my neighbors to the south. I had mentioned this to somebody before and got slammed for it.

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