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    Ok, so a couple weekends ago I had to shoot a self portrait project for school. When I began editing them, I discovered a couple things in Photoshop that I didn't know I could do.
    So here's what you do, and you can do either part in any order you want. Like filter, then shadows and highlights, and visa versa.
    If you want to see the effect as you put in the settings, check Preview. I always do so I can see what I'm doing as I do it, less undoing that way. You can also play with the settings any way you want to, this is just what I did to my photos.

    Part one: Image>Adjustments>Photo Filter>Select Sepia in the drop-down menu, set to 75% and check Preserve Luminosity.
    Part two: Image>Adjustments>Shadows and Highlights>Settings[if it's not checked already, check the Show More Options to get all the settings below. You can't do it without all the settings]:
    Amount: 29, Tonal Width: 50, Radius: 91
    Amount: 30, Tonal Width: 60, Radius: 44
    Color Correction: 10, Midtone Contrast: 40, Black Clip: 0.01, White Clip: 0.01
    And that's it! You may want to mess with the contrast and other settings to get what you want the end result you want, again this is what I did.
    Here is the before and after pics to show you:

    The after I have edited more than this effect, which explains the little details made with brushes that we have at school. You can do whatever you want with your photos before and/or after you do this effect.
    Let me know if there is anything I could add or change about this tutorial. Also post some pics of your results so everyone can see what you can do with this!
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    Very interesting. Almost like an antique effect. I'll have to try it when I get home
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    Have you ever heard of the Florabella actions set? Search for it on Google.. I'm pretty sure you'll love it and be amused
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