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    There are games

    Head to Clock tower and ask to accompany the abbot on his journey, he'll tell you of a small problem with the zamrock monks near khazard batttlefield, something must be doen else that the monks be ambushed. Head to the Zamrok monks and speak to RuneScape gold a new npc Mad Prophet. He'll say the star shouldn't shine or the gods presents will be destroyed, ask to see his evidence and he will refuse saying onyl his brothers may see it, people that bare the? tatoo. Return to clock tower and tell the abbot about the star, he will dismiss this. Ask about the tatoo and he will say you will need filthy robes (zamrock or as your character will say"religously filthy") and a fake tatoo he'll give you a layout for a fake tatoo. Try some kind whitch craft with that.

    Small Steps. Talk to Aggie and ask about a tatoo, she will need a design in mithril, a supply of super warmth within her house to heat the layout. Make a peice of mithril wire and put it to use to the plan, you will now have? design. Go back to aggie and she'll tell you to super heat the tatoo, when you're ready you will be branded by aggie. Your personality suddenly realises its a real tatoo, your prayer is emptied.

    Go back to clock tower with your zamrock robes and the abbot will tell you an amulet is needed to stop this effect. Ask him where you can locate this amulet and he will state zamrock smashed it in the 3rd war. It'll be scattered across the property of gleinor. You better go search for it. Maybe try the heroes guild.

    As you approach the heroes guild that a cutscene begins, you find that the observatory being attacked by goblins. Talk to heroes quest newcomer, she'll ask why you are concerned, ask if she knows about the amulet, She does not and ask if she cann get you into the observatory fast. Dip it in fountain but beforew you do make sure that you have lots of foof as well as baskets. Also bring a knife. You'll have to fight a lot of goblins, a level 82 goblin war cheif and a levle 123 Zamrock Telepathic (ignores your prayer). Arrive in the observatory and you talk to a helper who's tied up.Following that a cutscene will happen: General Bentnoze: Back we've mended the gate! You and 2 goblins will run up to buy osrs gold safe the gate, General Bentnoze will close it to halt the goblin army from entering. General Bentnzoe: *title * go to the tower and fire the crossbow at the military. An information box appears: Today go for the tower and take 20 goblins to be able to weaken there military. More coming shortly.


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