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    So I decided I wouldnt upgrade until my photography was able to pay all the costs of doing so. I own a daycare center and I just did fall portraits of all of the kiddos, and almost every parent purchased a package. Now I have enough for an upgrade, but Im not sure what it is I want to upgrade.
    This is my current setup.
    Canon 450d XSI, with 50mm 1.8 prime, 18-55 kit lens, and the 75-300 canon ef lens.
    2 strobe light kit with soft boxes and backgrounds
    MSI laptop with windows 7, i5 processor, 4 gigs ram, and a 500gb hard drive
    Visio 37" high def flat screen monitor hooked through the HDMI port on laptop.

    Here are the things I am thinking about doing.
    1. Upgrading to the 7d. The 450d is my first DSLR as I have been using film SLR cameras for awhile. I like the camera, but I would like the better AF system, upgraded sensor, dual processor, better built etc etc....
    2. Getting better glass. I mostly do portraits, so I was thinking of something like an 85mm prime. I am open to other suggestions and even getting an L series lens.
    3. Ditching the MSI and picking up a macbook or macbook pro. The MSI is very new (3 months) and it is super quick. Problems; it has windows 7 32 bit!!!!! Came loaded with that and I cannot run photoshop cs5 on 32 bit. I am drooling over content aware fill. I know upgrading is an easy, not too expensive process, but it has a few other problems. It does not render color very well. While I am editing my pictures look fine to me, but when I upload a pic to a forum site, or have a pic printed the red hues are so bad its embarrassing. I bought a bigger TV for my living room to use the 37" as a dedicated monitor but, that doesnt help the problem when the source (my laptop) is telling the monitor to display incorrect color. I have always been a big fan of the macbook, and an upgrade makes sense to me as well.

    Give me your opinion on my problem please.

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    All my research indicates that CS5 will run fine, even on Windows XP in 32 bit mode. I hope so- because I just ordered a copy and I have every intention of using it on my 2 year old XP Pro notebook. I understand that significant speed gains can be had in the 64 bit environment, but it is not a requirement (yet).

    The 7d is sweet, but I wonder if you wouldn't ultimately prefer full frame, if your object is primariy portraits. Mayby a 5D Mk2? That paired with that 85mm would be a pretty sweet setup. But this is from a Nikon guy... so I'm sure there will be other advice coming.

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