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    I shot a wedding for some friends with a Nikon D70 with on board flash and no tripod. Got some good pics and some not so good. The wedding was outdoors so the flash wasn't a huge issue. My biggest screw up was when the groom kissed the bride... I was cheering with everyone else and missed the shot. We had to stage another kiss later (they didn't mind).

    I provided all the pictures I took (jpegs) on a CD. My payment was a night at the hotel the wedding was at for my wife and I, food, drink, and friends.

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    CONTRACT CONTRACT CONTRACT. Make sure you have a contract. We live in a litigous society. It's very sad but true. Even family members will sue each other over this type of thing.

    I agree Cygnus Studios on this.

    Before commiting to a price find out what she wants and don't forget to include some time working on the images. We spend about 40 hours after the wedding doing effects, designing a custom album etc. Your time is valuable don't under charge for it.

    PS about bridezillas, we've found that the more we charge the less we have of those. People that are spending siginifigant money +5000 we're in rural Iowa bigger cities can command more, respect you and your time. BUT YOU MUST give them VALUE for their money or they will go elsewhere.

    Bottom line Under promise over deliver and CONTRACT. Good Luck!

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    As you told, It is your first wedding.
    According my view, you need to discuss with your life partner. After that you can plan for travel or etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirif1 View Post

    First off i do apologise if this has been asked a hundred times and the topic is a but tired but i do need some serious help!!

    I have been asked to do a wedding in September, It is my first first event and so i really am in the deep end. The bride knows and understands that by hiring me she is risking i mess up but she wants a budget wedding and knows i won't charge the earth. (she is a friend of a friend's friend!)

    But thats just it, i have no idea WHAT to charge! I dont even have a plan, such as i will take 100 of the best images and put them on a disk and charge her for the disk. Or print little thumbnails of them all, number them and ask which ones she wants and how many? All i know is she has to cover my travel, accommodation and equipment hiring costs.

    So my question is this, what is a good plan for a first time wedding on the price side of things?? (never mind where to hire stuff and what equipment i need!)

    If you dont know what your doing you should not jump into it . ive been a professional for years. it takes time and equipment. thats cost alot of money. get these books as the will teach you all you need know..good luck..... .

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    The contract that we got from our photographer says how long he will shoot for, that he is the sole photographer, if he can not make it he will find a suitable replacement, he does not guarentee that all shots will turn out. Etc.

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