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    First off, I don't actively market my photography...I have my own domain, and on that is a webpage (made with jalbum) where I occasionally rotate out some images.

    People tend to find this page in three ways A) my business cards have the photo page address on the back (along with a couple of other hobby-type pages of mine) and B) I am active on several hobby forums, and have a link to my tech and photography pages in my signature file on each forum and C) on my various tech pages for various hobby activities, I link to my photo page.

    I do make an offer on the image index page:

    High-res and non-watermarked images are available. Cost dependent upon
    intended usage. Royalty-Free images available for personal/non-profit use.

    For details, email ( email address here)
    I have a couple of people this week interested in buying images I have posted is an individual wanting an 11x14 print, another is an interior decorator wanting a couple of framed and matted 8x10 prints. I usually have my own prints and stuff done at

    I have been playing around with pricing. I am thinking of the print cost plus $20 for prints, and cost plus $50 for framed and matted prints. I will be fronting the money for the prints and frames. Is this pricing reasonable? Is it fair to me and the purchaser (and other folks sellling similar art prints)? I'm not looking to make a living at photography, but it's nice having some 'mad money' for new stuff.

    BTW, my photo site is if you are interested.



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    Your rough prices sound pretty good for common prints. Be careful on the "fronting" end though unless you really like the picture enough to hang in your own home.

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    I've sold my prints for 25-50 each without framing. I've sold them 75 framed. Sometimes you gotta play with price lol. And those were all 8x10s.

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    Your prices sound more than reasonable.
    I've done anywhere from 20$ for unframed art in 8x10 format to 150$ for a framed 8x10. Ive also done 300$ for a custom framed 11x14.
    You may want to get a half-down setup going or have them pay for the print first before you do it all.


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