Best prices for selling prints?

This is a discussion on Best prices for selling prints? within the Making Money From Photography forums, part of the PHOTO FORUM category; I took out my last name....don't ask me why, I just did...but this is what it says.... Erin (Photographer) hereby issues this Consent to Reproduce ...

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    I took out my last name....don't ask me why, I just did...but this is what it says....

    Erin (Photographer) hereby issues this Consent to Reproduce the images on the CD labeled *** to *** for portraits originally produced by Erin .

    Erin is not responsible for the digital image quality, nor liable for replacement of the CD or any images on the CD if damaged or lost. Erin neither assigns its copyright nor waives its rights for any purpose other than those expressly contained herein.
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    Hi all,

    I just want to diagree. I think that if someone is a "client" and you are selling them photographs then you are acting in the capacity of a professional photographer. This means that you should charge the going rate that a professional would charge (or at least some non-nominal charge). If not the full rate of say 75$ per hour with a minimum of 75$ then just give it to them for the price of the materials.

    I think Erin's suggestion is a good one. But I would use a more strongly worded release that explicitly states that the image is to be used solely for the non-commercial private usage of the client and may not be sold or published in any form without your consent. And that copies of the image posted online must bear your copyright mark. ( you should include a web-ready image that contains your copyright).

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    A quick note based on what Charlie stated:

    I am a professional photographer and I have always battled with pricing and giving someone my images on a CD. I feel that if they print out the pictures at...say Walmart...then a friend sees the image in their home and is not very impressed by the quality. They ask who took this image and the home owner states "Rachel." Now my name is on an image that I don't feel has the best quality possible.
    As far as pricing, if someon really wants the image they will pay the price you ask. Also if you make it just a bit high then you can offer a discount to make it sound better and still make a profit.
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    I've been reading with interest the question and answers so far.

    I would like to say I agree with Charlie and Rachel.

    I will tell my personal experience.

    I offer clients 2 big pictures from their children, framed for a certain price.
    I do that, because it shows the quality and by offering it in a frame, they don't have to worry to recieze
    it and they have it ready to put it on the wall in their home.

    You still make a profit by offering it in a frame and it really is a great promotion for you too.

    It depends on what they are going to do with the photo when you put it on a CD.

    I always ask, what is their main purpose, sending it to family as part of an email and what else.

    It's very important to me, the main purpose of the photos in order to set up a price accordingly.




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    There's a lot more to photography pricing than just this tip and all the other elements of your business are related to the price. You must keep learning because you can't only get the pricing right and have poor marketing and sales. A successful photography business is built on a complete system, not one or two tips or ideas.
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    The difference between a pro and an enthusiast is in their Point Of Views.

    Let me ask you if you would sell your cell phone for $10. Not if you bought it and had to replace it I'm betting. Same thing with a photo.


    How much did you spend on your camera(s), lens(es), tripod(s), color printer, photo paper, computer, SD Cards, software and all the other myriad accessories and supplies you use for your 'hobby'. The pro will try to reclaim some of that (overhead) expense by increasing the price of anything and everything sold. Looking at it this way, pricing has a lot less variability than you might think.

    How many photos are there of cute boys on ponies? Lots.
    How many pictures are there of their cute boy on a pony? A few?
    How many pictures are there of their cute pony on their soon to be pony? One, and you have it.

    If you sell a 4x6 for $4 you won't have enough to buy supper and they will have a photograph they will treasure for life in the photo album.

    If you sell them the CD you will miss $16 when they send a copy to both grandparents, Aunty Maude and his older sister away at college.

    Don't sell frames, they are just a hassle. There are a lot of places to get frames and good ones are usually expensive and make your photos look expensive. If you do sell frames pass the cost and an overhead markup along to the client.

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up control of your photographs unless you get just a mountain of cash.

    One last thing. The quickest way to get every pro photographer in the region set against you is to continuously cheapen the market. If you really want to know what to charge, call the pro in your location and ask them what they would charge.
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    It depends upon what he looking for also, you have to consider the types of the client. Client does not need the price he looks for the right quantity of it.

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