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    Hey guys. So I'm brand new here. I'm a 16-yo and just started snapping pictures around town this fall. I got a Nikon FA from a close friend (and more experienced photographer, though we're both high-school-age). It's a wonderful little camera, but it has a few serious faults. His main 35mm SLR is an F100, and he's told me that would be a good buy - though slightly out of the family's price range.

    So far I've gone looked at the F4 (which is clunky and tough to work with), the F50 (which only takes D-mount lenses, lacks a depth of field preview of any sort, and has an annoying pop-up flash), and the F100, which, while it is exactly what I need, is hard to find in the price range I'm after. We want to buy used

    I'm looking for something sturdy, preferably under $50 (student's budget!), and preferably with autofocus, just as a backup feature or for quick candids where there isn't the time to fiddle with fine-tuning on a manual focus lens. I'm looking to stick with Nikons because they've proven to be pretty faithful; I don't want a cheap Minolta or something like that - I need something that can take a teenager's abuse, and everybody I've spoken to says that something like the F100 would be a good bet. The FA is a trusty camera and pretty well built, but the meter doesn't work properly anymore (it says I should shoot at 1/4 second in broad daylight at f/1.8...) It's just time for something that can not only take abuse, but meter light properly. I'm getting tired of carrying around a handheld meter!

    Right now, something in the vein of an F100, if not an F100, is what I'm definitely looking for. I know every other word in this post is "F100", but it is a pretty well-built machine and that's what I need! If anybody here has any tips or ideas, or is selling one for cheap, that would be fantastic!

    Any help?

    (PS. I'm setting up a small darkroom in our basement this winter; anybody got an enlarger they'd let go of for cheap?)

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    I just bought an F100 body for like 60 bucks, this isn't the norm price range I guess, lol, he gave me a good deal cause it smelled like cigarettes. haha. I would definitely look into getting one..I am still reading the manual..and you will need to dl the manual for sure! Check Ebay often, maybe you will find a good deal. Also check Ebay for enlarger and other film equip.
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