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Thread: my new camera

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    Hi everybody!

    this is an exciting story, i want to share with you.
    some time ago i surfed in the internet i suddenly came across an information that told me, that nikon had stopped their analog camera program in 2004! i didnīt take long till i learned that thats true for some other companies as well. somehow i suddenly got nervous, that it wouldnīt take long till film cameras would be extinct (or at least not available for people taking pictures just as a hobby) . and though i enjoy the advantages of digital cameras i still love taking pictures the old way. (and for myself i just can say, that lookin through a SLR shows a totaly different world than those LEDscreens of the digital cameras i am currently using (ok, i have never owned a DSLR)
    It was a rather quick decision, sort of paniced, and i got myself a Nikon F5 on ebay, for a VERY reasonable price, i would say (about a sixth of the price you had to pay a few years ago!) though i have only shot a few pictures yet i just cant wait to see them developed! (if the pictures are any good, i will try to scan some and show you the results.)
    since this is my first nikon SLR (i used a Minolta till now) i just wanted to ask if someone here knows how to handle this cam, and has a few tips for someone who is just ready to turn back to film camera (again).

    i hope not all of you have given up shooting with film equipment, have you?

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    Congrats on the camera, the main reason I stopped using film was the cost and then Kodak announced that it was not longer spending any more money on developing film which is like the first nail in the coffin. I do miss the excitement and anticipation waiting to see what my photos have turned out like - don't miss the disappointment when they don't though

    One thing I do welcome back with the digital D-SLR is using the viewfinder again instead of peering at the silly screen.

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    I also enjoy shooting film. I bought a Canon TX last summer and I haven't used anything else since. Pretty soon, I was thinking of going with a Canon digi Rebel Xti or a Nikon D60. I'm still going to use my Canon though. I'm always very pleased with the way that my photos turn out with it. I really hope that film doesn't become significantly more expensive or harder to get a hold of, but I wouldn't be surprised. I kind of feel like film cameras will someday turn out like record players or something.


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