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    I am clearing out a space in my "studio" to use to do people shots. I don't have any light sources however. I'll probably end up using as much lamps and what not that I can for now until I get proper lighting.


    1: What is the best "home made" lighting I can use on a very low budget for the time being?
    2: I figure I'll need a flash on my camera. I also need it for a wedding coming up in May. I was thinking either the Nikon SB600 or SB800? The 600 is half the price, which is a huge advantage on my end. Would the 600 be good enough for what I am doing?
    3: Is there anything else I can scrape up to use for inside photos at a very low budget right now, before I earn enough to buy proper equipment?

    I am doing photos of individuals for free right now, in exchange for signing a waiver (sign your life away!) saying I own the photos and can use them for display on my site and in my studio etc. They get free photos out of it. So I have an appointment hopefully this week for two friends to get photos done and then found another girl interested to do some soon. The weather turned to ice once again and can't really get great photos outside bundled up in a snow suit!

    Very much appreciated! Thanks very much =)

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    This is basically what a friend of mine did back in highschool...hope it helps!
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    I'm from California . Im currently taking up an immersion film course at the International Academy of Film and Television. What took me all the way to cebu was my genuine interest in filmmaking and since i visited the city in the summer of 2004, I've always wanted to get back for a longer stay. The training here is completely hands we work on professional sound stages, use state-of-the art High Definition filmmaking equipment, and make really tough creative and technical decisions. We basically eat, breathe and sleep filmmaking. Here are some snapshots of our sessions.



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