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    My dad has just give me his Konica Minolta SLR

    So now I need some advice as this will be my first time shooting film.. what film should i buy for my first time? lots of things will be going wrong i should imagine haha so nothing to fancy..

    any advice for my first time?

    I'm still a film virgin.. but not for long

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    Minolta Dynax 7000i
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    The transition from virgin to non-virgin is immediate. One click and it's gone...

    I would suggest ISO 400 color print film - something commonly on the shelves and easily developed and printed anywhere - like the 1-hour shops. If you want to shoot B&W try the C-41 process films from Kodak or Ilford. They are a bit more expensive than color but can also be developed at the 1-hr places... Lately I've just been getting the film developed, a CD of the images, and an index print. The index makes it easy to file the CDs.

    Later on, you can move up to more expensive films, slide films, and true B&W chemistry films...

    Happy shooting!
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    As far as bw c41's go, I have to give a shout out to ilfords xp2. I actually love that film more than any traditional bw film at the moment, the tones you get right out of the camera are amazing! And combined with the convenience of one hour processing - cant be beat at $3 a roll.

    Heres a couple of samples:

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    I can only echo what you have already been told so far. I would definitely stick with the c-41 process films for now until you see how well you will like using film.

    WOW! kiwichick, I am really going to have to try some of that XP2. I have heard a little about it, but if those shots are a good example of how it does I love it already.
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    Yeah, awesome photos Kiwichick!! Great advert for that film
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    how did u get ur pictures that u took with film on the web...scanner>??

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    Unlike Kiwichick I hate the C-41 process B&W film. I think that T-max is by far the best b&w film that is reasonably priced. It is not that difficult to get it developed. Any drug store 1 hour place will send it out and get it developed and it doesn't cost that much. It is also real easy to develop it yourself and does not take alot to get started. All you need is a dark room and a film developing canister and some chemicals. I used to use my bathroom to do this until I built a darkroom in my garage and it only needs to be dark to put the film in the canister. It is so much more rewarding also knowing that you developed it yourself. Try them both though and see which you like, that is the best way to do anything. Trying is learning. If you need any info on developing let me know I have made a quick sheet on how do develop that is simple to follow. Good Luck.

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    god black and white shots are soo nice... im thinking about picking up a 6x8 hassie

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    So good to see that some of us are still discovering the joys of film. :-)

    If you're an absolute newbie with film, I'd say go with something easily available and easy to get processed, which basically means a regular old C-41 color print film, which every CVS, Walgreen's, Wal-Mart, and supermarket stocks and is set up to process in an hour. However I'll also suggest: 1) look for the smaller number on the box (the ISO speed), which will give less grainy prints--100 is great, just make sure you have ample light and/or a flash--and 2) get it developed and printed at a good quality photo store instead of CVS, Walgreen's, etc. Lousy processing and/or printing can make film look like crud.

    Black and white is a joy to play with, however, and I'll second the comments on XP2; I've shot with it before and I LOVE the way it looks. If you want to play with traditional black and white, though, I'll always recommend the old Kodak standbys, Plus-X (125 ISO) and Tri-X (400 ISO). Ilford traditional b/w films are supposed to be excellent as well.

    All right, go forth and click it old-skool. Have fun!


    Billy S.


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