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    Similar to ricky.o's advice, I first made a list of things I was most interested in shooting, and prioritised them.

    I then researched features and the manufacturer's unique selling points, wrote down a list and prioritized them. For me, the most important were:

    - Decent viewfinder
    - Auto sensor cleaning
    - Low sensor noise
    - Price
    - Nice large LCD panel
    - size/weight

    The least important for me were:
    - Live view
    - Unreasonably large resolution

    But for different people, based on their list of shooting preferences, this will be different.

    Doing this exercise, for me, whittled down 4 - 5 cameras in my price range into just 2 or 3... and so next I went to the local Best Buy to play with them. (then, after selecting the one I wanted, went next door and got it 15% cheaper... gotta love Best Buy!)

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    Oh, another tip -- I also downloaded and read the user manuals from the manufacturers websites for the cameras I was interested in.

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    I'm sending this request through the system one final time to collect any remaining thoughts members might have to help those purchasing a DSLR.

    I'll start compiling our group suggestions this weekend.

    Thanks for participating.

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    I've been in this boat for over a month now. I am still deciding between 2 cameras, but hoping that another one I like may come down in price somewhere over the next month or 2. I'm not in a hurry.

    I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is to impulse buy based on non-essential things like more mega pixels and availability.

    10.2 ad 12.2 MP is not much of a difference.

    Secondly, like Pet said... DO NOT ever buy from Best Buy or a similar general electronics store. Typically their "massive liquidation sale of the century" just brings their prices down to a camera stores everyday price. Plus the camera stores are just that. They can answer your questions better than any kid at Best Buy and will give you better service. Just make sure it's a reputable camera store.

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    Step 1. Consider carefully how far you want to take photography, is it a passing fad? a reason to take family snapshots? a means to take much better pictures than your current compact can offer? or a subject you are very interested in and are prepared to put time and effort in to improving?

    Step 2. Based on step 1, set yourself a realistic budget (and stick to it!!)

    Step 3. Consider what type of photography gives you the most satisfaction and pleasure as this will have a great influence on the range of lenses you need.

    Step 4. Consider the different makes available and the range of their accessories ie lenses, filters etc

    Step 5. Go to the local Camera shop armed with above information and try out your possible models.

    It is very important to to try and identify the type of photography you will be getting into as this will dictate the type of equipment you buy.
    If you will be doing cross country trekking you may be better off buying a more rugged/metal camera body.
    If you want to be able to take pictures in all weathers you will need a weatherproof Cameras/Lenses.
    If you want to be able to take pictures of fast moving sports you will be better off with a camera/lenses with a fast autofocus.
    If you want to be able to take pictures at nightime you will require Lenses with wide apertures.
    These are just some of the things that should influence your decision in what equipment to buy, if you are thinking along these lines the safest route to get what you need is to ask someone (here on PhotoForum) who is doing what you want to do.
    It is/can be a very expensive hobby so it is important to get what you want for the money you want to spend first time.
    Just my thoughts.

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