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    This is my one and only chance in a lifetime to become what I have always wanted to do, so any photographers with any advice PLEASE help me. I have the money to do this and get prepared and set up and this chance doesnít come around very often...

    Here is my problem:

    I want to start my own business in photography business and I do know it will take time to do that, my husband is going to help me get "everything" I need to get this going but wants me to get the right stuff right off the bat instead of buying stuff and trying to upgrade it later. He wants me to go all out and get the stuff that is going to be needed now and for future use.

    I am starting off with nothing at this time because I really donít know what I am going to need. My daughter and I are going to be working this business together and love to take pictures and have been wanting to get into photography for many years but never had the money to do so until now.

    Here is what we are asking for help with...

    We are wanting one of the best photography cameras for taking photographs of like families, weddings, reunions, ect... would like to find one of the best cameras that you donít need to be buying so many accessories for such as lenses and ect. I would like a very good quality camera for enlargement pictures and also very good zooming.

    We are looking to get what we are needing to get prepared then after getting what we are needing we will start learning and practicing with what we have and learning by going to other photography forms ect.

    We are looking for someone to tell us just what kind of camera, lighting, backdrops, backdrop stands and accessories that we will need for now and in the future. So my main question is what are the main products that we will need to buy and where is the best place to get them at.

    As I was saying my husband wants to get the best to begin with and not keep having to be out the money to keep upgrading from for instance a $300 camera to a $500 camera to a $2000.00 camera and end up having several cameras in the closet that are no longer being used.

    I want to get "everything" that I need asap and get started. I really donít want everything that is unnecessary to start off with just the main accessories as I mentioned above.

    Most of the forums that Iíve been reading say start off with a smaller camera and work your way up with attachments and ect which isnít what my husband is wanting to do. I donít want to go all out and get the most expensive stuff out there but do want to get whatever its going to take to just get me started out pretty good.

    Someone please give me ideas and advice on accessories... is it possible to get a good photography camera that you donít have to buy extra lenses for and more attachments? I could use all the advice I could get without someone telling me to just work my way up to it because like I said this is a one chance in a lifetime for me to get what I need and be prepared for the future.

    Any and all help would be appreciated!
    Thanks so much...

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    I don't know much about starting your own business..but good luck.

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    When people are buying photos, they rarely ask - if you used best camera or not. I've seen a lot of ubercrappy pix taken by people with most expensive cameras in the world. I don't even know what to tell you. Seems like at this stage, when you "don't know what you are doing" it's gonna be a big waste of money and eventually your husband might get very disappointed by the outcome of the investment .
    By the time you'll figure how to use all this equipment properly, there will be newer and better equipment available and you will need to upgrade again, so I'd say, people who told you to begin with basic stuff were right. Get 30 dollar film SLR Nikon with some kit lens and start there - upgrading from it is not gonna be big of a deal, I'm sure your husband will like to hear "$30 bucks for starters" clause

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    Keep in mind also that today's newest nicest digital camera is tomorrow's old news.

    So you will be upgrading no matter what.

    You can take wonderful photos with mediocre cameras.
    I still use my SLR film cameras from the 1980's to keep my camera skills sharp.

    The whole reason of an SLR or DSLR is to be able to change lenses for what you are doing. I have 3 lenses for my SLR 35mm Pentaxes...and at least two lenses for my Canon SLR and my DSLR Nikon.

    You may want to get some photography books also to read!
    Good luck!
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    Well, my first advice would be to purchase scott kelby's series of photography books, they are great!

    Now for the reccomendations:

    Pro spec camera: Your choice, which of these best suits?
    Nikon d3s (low light ability) (£3500)
    Canon EOS 1d mkiv (low light ability) (£4000)
    Nikon d3x (amazing image quality) (£4600)
    Canon EOS 1ds mkiii (amazing image quality) (£4000)
    Canon EOS 5d mkii (mix of low light ability and image quality) (£1600)
    Nikon d700 (more biased towards low light ability, but great image quality is still there) (£1600)
    Sony a900 (not the best for low light, but coupled with a carl zeiss lens, you've got yourself some amazing pictures) (£1700)
    You'll also need a backup camera, so when you get one, make sure it is the same brand as the main one you get.
    Then in a year or two, you're going to be wanting to upgrade again (possibly about £5000)

    Lenses (must)
    You're going to want the fast aperture, high quality lenses, so if you go for:
    Canon: you'll want to look for the L lenses
    Sony: you'll want the G lenses and the carl zeiss lenses
    Nikon: I'm not too sure what their pro range of lenses are called, but just look at the expensive ones!

    In terms of what lenses you'll need:
    70-200mm f/2.8 (each company does one, pretty much a must if you want the best portraits) (at least £1500 if you don't go for third party manufacturers)
    50mm f/1.4 (again, each company does one, very fast aperture to allow the use of faster shutter speeds indoors) (at least £250)
    24-70mm f/2.8 (zeiss makes this one for sony, perfect for relatively tight spaced low light situations, but for god's sake do not buy an 18-70/18-55!) (at least £1000)
    Also do not buy a high zoom ratio lens, (eg 18-300mm) they are the worst lenses in terms of optical quality you can buy!

    You'll need a flashgun, and just like the camera you'll need a backup or two. (for the best ones, at least £300)

    Lots of high speed, medium sized memory cards (one huge 64gb one fails and you're screwed, one 8gb one fails, and you've still got 7 more with lots your pictures saved onto them) (price varies)

    A good quality tripod (obvious reasons) (at least £175)

    I don't think that for what you are wanting to do, studio equipment is essential, but everything else mentioned is a necessity.

    If you're not prepared to carry the kit, then you're not prepared to do weddings, simple as.

    Does your husband still like the idea of you being a photographer?

    Of course, you could buy a cheap camera (sony a230, canon 1000d, nikon d3000) and an 18-270mm, and use the cameras in built flash, get unhappy clients, and the business will fail before it even started.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Sony A77, A200, Grips for both, 16-50 f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8, 18-70 f/3.5-5.6, 70-210 f/4-5.6, 2 flashguns.

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