Setuping a home studio in a tiny space.

This is a discussion on Setuping a home studio in a tiny space. within the Digital Cameras, Lenses & Accessories forums, part of the PHOTO FORUM category; I'm setting up a home studio. The only room I have available to me is small room. With the built in wardrobes reducing the space ...

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    Setuping a home studio in a tiny space.

    I'm setting up a home studio. The only room I have available to me is small room. With the built in wardrobes reducing the space even further, I basically have a 10ft by 6.5ft space to work in. There is plenty of height so that is not a problem.The room is a landlocked with only a small skylight for ventilation.

    I am considering my lighting options and trying to figure out what is the most suitable set up. I have a couple of old interfit mono-lights which take up a lot of space, making moving around very difficult. They also generate a lot of heat through the modelling lights. So I'm thinking that monolights are not really the best option. So basically I'm left with strobes or L.E.D lighting. In terms of L.E.D, I'm thinking of using panels, fresnel lights and large 45w bulbs. All daylight balanced of course. The advantages of using L.E.D for me would be the lack of heat output in such a cramped space and the ability to see the effect of the lighting. I have never really used strobes so that's a whole new thing for me.

    Anyway, I'd be interested to read people's thoughts on this and any other ideas or tips they may have to do with having a studio in such a small space. BTW, I plan to do mostly product photography and still life, but I will occasionally want to do portraits also.

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    I do a lot of shooting using my computer keyboard table. Unless you are shooting an elephant or a car, you dont need much space. Work small and then work up.

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    Since you mention the height of the room - Have you thought about mounting the monolights on a pipe across the ceiling? Or, make some pipe and base stands for the monolights - a homegrown version of this:

    And for the modeling lights, why not try an E26 base LED lamp: Strobist: Found: $30 LED Modeling Light for Your AlienBees


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