Is this a good deal on a Canon T2i?

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    I have decided it was time to make the upgrade to DSLR from P&S and after a month of review I narrowed my search down to the Rebel T2i. Best Buy offered this as a price match/bonus item upgrade for another store:

    Canon T2i
    18-55mm kit lense
    Canon EF-S 55-250mm f4.0-5.6 IS lens
    Lowepro EX-80 Gadget Bag
    An 8gb PNY SD HCcard
    An extra Canon LP-E8 Battery Pack
    A58mm Canon UV Filter

    for $949.99 (CDN)

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    The T2i is a great camera, and this is a good price IF you want all that gear. I tend to prefer to pick and choose my own optional components. It's a "good deal" if it's offering a good price on gear you would have bought anyway. But a good price on gear you would not have picked out yourself isn't necessarily a good deal. Some points...

    The T2i can shoot 1080 HD video, but the "catch" is that if you want to shoot video, the memory card has to be able to keep up. A minimum "Class 6" memory card is required. A slower card will drop frames. I don't know if they happen to mention the class rating on the card, but you might want to check that. If you don't plan to exploit the video capabilities of the camera than this is not really a big deal.

    As a 2nd lens, they've included the 55-250 which compliments the 18-55 kit lens. Picking a 2nd lens is completely subjective and depends on your needs and how you plan to shoot. I find that I don't often reach for a telephoto zoom and prefer higher the higher quality and faster speeds that a prime lens offers. e.g. in the same price range you could get a prime lens at 28, 35, or 50mm with a focal ratio down around f/2 or better. f/2 is four times the light than f/4 ... meaning you can shoot natural light shots with just a quarter of the light as the zoom, and they tend to be sharper images, and of course you can get the narrower depth-of-field to give you a more pleasing background blur (bokeh) when you want it. In the end, it really depends on what types of photography you think you'll be doing. If you wanted a zoom lens for (just picking an example) sports photography and it was either an indoor sport (e.g. basketball) or an outdoor sport commonly played at night (e.g. football) then you'd struggle with a "slow" telephoto zoom -- but the challenge is that a "fast" telephoto zoom (something that can maintain f/2.8 throughout the focal range) usually isn't cheap. The Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM (a little more expensive than the 55-250mm) is a fabulous lens for the money but it is a bit pricier (it's probably an extra $150 more than the price of the 55-250mm) can be used as a portrait lens, and it's a macro so it opens a whole new area of photography.

    You might even decide that for the money, you'd rather have a dedicated flash -- like the Speedlite 430EX II -- instead of a 2nd lens. A flash you can bounce or feather will produce much nicer flash photography shots than the built-in pop-up flash -- this assumes you'd be doing flash.

    It is nice to have a spare battery and I always suggest buying a UV filter for every lens you own. It looks like they're just including just one UV filter so if you do decide to go for the kit you'll probably want to spring for a 2nd filter (fortunately UV filters are not expensive.)

    Anyway, I'm not trying to talk you "in to" or "out of" anything... just giving you some points to think about. Pick the system based on what sort of photography you'll be doing and how it fits your needs. Whatever you decide, you will LOVE the T2i.

    Good luck!

    Tim Campbell


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