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    For those beginners out there, one of the most important rules you need to learn first is the rule of thirds. This is the one thing in photography that is used the most. When taking a photograph, it is easy place the subject of the photograph directly in the center of the image. Try as hard as you can to break yourself of this habit. Although it is not always applicable, it is 90% of the time. If you break the image up into three imaginary planes by using lines you will get something like this.



    When taking an image, it is necessary to imagine these lines. After imagining the lines, place your subject on one of the lines. Our eyes naturally look away from the center of a photograph, by placing your subject on one of these lines, the viewers eyes will naturally gravitate towards your subject making for a more captivating image. When looking at the first image above, the focus point is directly in the center of the photograph. However, your eyes do not recognize this. They recognize the white frame(rule of thirds) first and it confuses to about the subject of the photograph. Now look at the second photograph, the white frame is now in focus. Your eyes are no longer confused because what your eyes perceive as the subject really are the subject. Again, this is one of the most important tips in all of photography. Remember it, force it into your head. After a while it will come naturally, until then, remember, RULE OF THIRDS!

    If there are any administrators that want to add or change this feel free to. This is the best illustration I could find for the rule, maybe some of you have better?
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    Thank you Jjeling for bringing up the Rule of Thirds topic.

    For those wanting a more detailed and illustrated discussion on the Rule of Thirds, HERE is an educational article I wrote for those just starting to tackle this compositional rule. The Rule of Thirds is discussed as Rule 2 in this article.

    Hope this helps.

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    Here's a link to a list of articles on composition. Many on the rule of thirds.

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    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post to the forum and YES, I will post in the "Introduction" Section soon enough.
    This thread of course ifs the one that all beginners look for. I request the senior members and Gurus to please post beginner stuff here, so that the novice guys like myself can get started.
    Also, I will much appreciate if some forum links to beginner stuff is suggested.



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