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    During my time spent as a a photographer, there are many tips and tricks that I have learned. There is the rule of thirds, one of the most important things you must know about photography. Then there is the exposure, aperture, white balance, and iso. Again, extremely important elements that take time and patience to develop. Using the flash is another skill that should be learned depending on you style. Get a tripod. A tripod is like a carpenters hammer. Never in my life have I heard of a photographer that does not use a tripod. If not a tripod, then a monopod. Get a tripod. This stuff is extremely important to know, but many that do know this information forget to change their perspective on things. When I got started, there was not a single picture I was happy with. For several months getting an image I wanted was so elusive I actually put the camera down for a few weeks, to ponder what I could do. Being completely self taught, I could only rely on what I have seen in magazines and on TV to mold my own skills. Then one day, the idea of that new perspective dawned on me. A common concept about photographers is like piano players, they dont like to get their hands dirty. Depending on your style, it can be true. For many others, this could not be anymore wrong. Especially for myself. When I go out, I always wear clothes I do not mind getting dirty. When I come back, most of the time I have dirt everywhere, and need to take a shower. It is all to get a new perspective on things. Laying on the ground, climbing a tree, walking out into the water, and mud. If its cold, dress warm, if its hot, don't wear anything bring some extra water. Mosquito's=100%deet. Its a nice day, its a better night. It is worth it! More quality images have come from this than any other tip I have learned. Just be careful with your camera. My first DSLR was a Pentax K110d. Unfortunately, it is not weather sealed. It is all but ruined. Its nearly impossible to see through the viewfinder(foggy), and the interior of the camera is even worse. I can still get images from it, but not without spending 5 minutes on each image cleaning spots from it, even after being cleaned. Be aware of your surroundings as well. Here in this part, we do not really have killer bees, poisonous snakes, or spiders to worry about. Just be careful when you do this, bring a friend, get dirty, have fun. - updated daily, with pictures and stories.

    Check em' out.

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    preaching to the choir here pal. im just after yesterday morning almost getting frost bite from laying in the snow for minutes trying to catch the sunset riseing off the lake (you know how could lakeshores can be) without any gloves. of course, not quite dirty, but there's not much dirt in winter time.

    how bout starting a thread with photos leading up to the place you wanted to get to, to take the shot.. ill keep that in mind, keep an eye open for any "getting to the shot" threads.

    good tip though.
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    Excellent advise for beginners!

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    I tend to do more dangerous than in climbing around high areas: swinging bridges and rock faces, hanging out of an airplane without a parachute, crawling on ice with water running underneath, getting lost in severe winter conditions -20 with a strong wind, etc.



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