You Will Be Pleased by Your Own Panoramic Photographs

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    Panoramic photography is regarded as one of the fastest growing technology for image processing, it creates images which capture a much wider perspective than the field of view of human eyes. Thanks to the enhanced ability both to access the internet with a high-speed and to process images with a more powerful CPU, lots of technological breakthroughs of panoramic photography have been achieved. As the stunning panoramic photographs can provide readers a "you-are-there" feel, panoramic photography has became popular and is now being applied into a wide range of industry, such as architecture, urban landscape, tourism, culture, arts, games, business and science technology.

    Do not take it as granted that, panoramic photography is specially developed for professional photographers. With the development of the times, more and more automatic panorama stitching software have been developed and are under continuously improvement, such as Photoshop, AutoStitch, ArcSoft Panorama Maker. What's more, most digital cameras support a special panoramic mode, in this mode the camera optimizes its optical settings for panoramic wide-angle photography, which enable beginners to take panoramic photos much easier.

    Actually nowadays, increasingly photography lovers are making their own panoramic photos with a regular camera and a photo stitching software package. If you are also one of whom are always disappointed by the photos taken during the vacation, just read the following simply guidelines, believe it or not, you will be satisfied with the panoramic photos made by yourself.

    The panoramic photography we talk about today is not taken by a single shot with a special panoramic wide-angle lenses which are extremely expensive, you just need an ordinary digital camera with a tripod and a computer installed with photo processing software. The panoramic photography making procedure is not complex, you take a few photos in series and load the images into the computer, then use the photo processing software to make them together, and finally create a big panoramic photography.

    It's not enough to make panoramic photographs just with a rough knowledge of the procedure, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

    Before shooting a series of photos, you should make a plan in advance. Think about how many photos you need to take, how to overlap them and make clear the shooting sequence. To a beginner, you should clearly understand that because the edge of each photo is inevitably distorted caused by the lens, photo stitching software need an overlap of about 30% in order to perfectly compensate these problems, and the higher quality of panoramic photographs you demand, the more overlap you need.

    When you start to shoot, it is strongly recommended to use a tripod. With the help of a tripod, it is easier for a beginner to keep everything lined up so as to give you the best results. Remember to lock the focus and lock the exposure during filming in order to make sure that all the photos will be stitched together seamlessly in the computer.

    After you have taken all the photos you need, use a software package to stitch them together. Many digital cameras come with a photo stitching software, such as Camedia master by Olympus and Photo Stitch by Canon. If your digital camera did not provide one, just search it online and it's easy to download a software package which can stitch single photos for free, such as Panorama Editor, Photovista Panorama and FastPano PS. As to how to use this kind of software, basically you just need to load the images, and then the software can identify the overlapping areas itself. If you want to learn more about the techniques, read some guidelines, it will not be difficult for you to master a photo stitching software.

    With more practice, you will be pleased by your own panoramic photographs.


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