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  1. How to make these pictures in the same size and combine them in one image?
  2. Fix Spots On This Picture Please. I Can't.
  3. I need make this photos with white background
  4. Try your best
  5. Please help me to fix this so hard to me
  6. Some holiday cheer
  7. Weak Colors
  8. How can I make Mt. Fuji pop in this?
  9. picture is flat... any ideas?
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  11. Halloween set
  12. E-Directory-law of ireland
  13. Editing questions
  14. fixing teeth crown gold
  15. JobForce24 An IT and Jobs Site
  16. Feedback please
  17. Any suggestions?
  18. Can someone creatively combine these 2 photos?
  19. Lens Flare
  20. I overexposed this picture,, can anyone help me with adjustment???
  21. Boring landscape photo....could use a face-lift
  22. might be tough.
  23. Fixing wrinkles around eyes
  24. Can you remove the person?
  25. In need of SERIOUS help!!!!
  26. newbie in need of serious help
  27. Need help restoring a family photo :)
  28. Help! What can I do to rescue this mess?
  29. First thread , First photos with First Digital CAM :)
  30. Help restoring old family photo?
  31. Blah I don't know how to make this good..
  32. Old photo, needs touching up!
  33. baby pic
  34. Panda eyes....
  35. Just for fun...
  36. The best you can make these two photos
  37. Can anyone clean this up?
  38. Please help to fix this blurred one...!
  39. Illumination Outdoor
  40. Can Anyone Help Me Improve This Shot
  41. I rarely ask for help..
  42. Over-processed?
  43. Fix me....fix me
  44. Can these be saved?
  45. do anything you like
  46. Please tell me how to fix this
  47. Please fix these pics part 2 as clear as possible or make them better
  48. Please fix my candids I need them as clear as possible
  49. What technique is this
  50. Please delete the background
  51. Guns and cars pics, need some PS love!
  52. Please help.
  53. Improvement to this photo ?
  54. need help with wife portrait please
  55. Never Miss Saving Grace Seasons
  56. Too yellowish?
  57. My Pictures
  58. Would appreciate a genius's help please
  59. Do you like the new or old version?
  60. Help me add a child here?
  61. Photo OK or not
  62. how to reach these effects?Any experience?
  63. Sun Glare Fix?
  64. Please suggest improvements
  65. Restoration please help
  66. Faces Overexposed!
  67. A Toughie
  68. Please change background
  69. I want to change background
  70. Help with lens blur
  71. How to remove blur from image caused by rain drop on lens?
  72. Can anyone please give me instructions?
  73. heeeeellllp edit a picture and the main thing is too dark
  74. heeeeelp
  75. tried fixing it but i need help
  76. weed in my face!
  77. Edit the lion king!!
  78. flash help
  79. Photo Help
  80. Two images that could use a fun background change
  81. Tricky one...
  82. I need some help with this one
  83. Editing Family Photos
  84. Sharpen it up
  85. XiuXiu HDR of the day
  86. HDR using QTfsgui
  87. HDR
  88. is there hope for this one...
  89. New try at colouring
  90. Trick Photography and Special Effects - Great in-depth eBook
  91. Tortoise
  92. Retouching an old photo
  93. Quick Pic
  94. lack of definition
  95. New Church Picture
  96. night time snow photo
  97. crosshair
  98. Fixing a photo!
  99. Can you put more of a smile on this horse?
  100. Old photo needs fixing at the top
  101. a little help
  102. Challenge: Fix this HDR
  103. need help!! old tree carvings
  104. Please Help!! Dyslexic Moment!!
  105. have a go at this!
  106. Can it be saved?
  107. Fossil Photo Set
  108. To all...
  109. Ugh doesn't even describe it
  110. Car pix want edited!
  111. Too Dark Park
  112. The light is off.....
  113. Can you please help me with this (2nd attempt)
  114. Please help me with this...
  115. Photo Editing Workshop (11th Dec 2010) KL
  116. I need to swap heads
  117. A Little Help Needed
  118. Logo Help
  119. noise of focus?
  120. Help me edit a promo picture for my music?!
  121. i like this photo.. but the color is a mess
  122. Need a black background :(
  123. please help !!!!!!!!
  124. Photo for my mom
  125. Help me fix this photo of my niece!
  126. Make this flower 'pop'
  127. Downtown
  128. Help with a new background
  129. Cut the Crop
  130. Can you black out the background?
  131. Need a dark themed background
  132. Help Sharpening an Image Please!!!
  133. please help fixing it for me......!
  134. what would you do with this
  135. Help with removing Hair
  136. Chromatic Aberration fix?
  137. need help with glare on glasses
  138. Help with this pic pls!!
  139. What is Wrong with this Image
  140. Stephen, you asked for it
  141. Let see what you guys can do with this...
  142. Windmills
  143. Problem with camera
  144. Can grandma be removed?
  145. Can anyone tell me how to take a frame from a movie and make a picture out of it.
  146. harsh sun
  147. This needs something I can't seem to do!
  148. Photo flashed/lighted
  149. It's not a chocolate river
  150. Blown out hightlights
  151. The Sky Last Night
  152. Background removing, colour balance etc...
  153. Just want to see what others can do
  154. crummy lighting
  155. I can't fix this so it doesn't print blotchy
  156. Hot Air
  157. What is the difference between Free and Commercial ?
  158. This could have been a great pic!
  159. adding a background to a portrait with white background
  160. can u edit this little girl into a wedding picture!!
  161. Country girl
  162. I need some sort of subject in this one
  163. Can anybody help?
  164. I am useless in photoshop.....
  165. Want to add a background??
  166. orange photo needs help! lol
  167. Section of image "faded" to infinity...
  168. Help PLEASE
  169. My best friends wedding
  170. Can someone help me? Please :)
  171. Yucky color :s
  172. please help!
  173. Not sure if this is right....
  174. incredibly beautiful girl! oh yeah its a self portrait!!
  175. Can't load pictures up.
  176. hhaha fun idea!
  177. a real test of ability!
  178. can I balance on something other than a stool?
  179. Trollius europaeus
  180. Work your magic..Thanks!
  181. removing reflection on car
  182. I need some sky and green grass please!
  183. See what you can do please :)
  184. Please help edit
  185. Help! Can you lighten this photo up?
  186. oops..
  187. Please fix these power lines and anything else you see!
  188. Please fix this sunset..
  189. Help with a portrait
  190. Editing photos
  191. Kiss the sky...
  192. Paint my Pussy
  193. Any help with this picture
  194. Do any of these edits look ok?
  195. yellow and grainy ick
  196. What would you do with these?
  197. I would appreciate any help...
  198. Going Batty
  199. Can you fix this scene?
  200. pensacola beach water tower...
  201. Hi I am from Poland and I need your help :)
  202. Best You Can Do
  203. Prom 2010
  204. Not a great shot but....
  205. Lens distortion at 12mm
  206. Sunshine on a river & glasses !
  207. I think I over edit sometimes..
  208. Fix old photo
  209. PP plays
  210. I need some Help fixing my photos
  211. Puppies
  212. Please Edit this! I wanna see some ideas!!
  213. My baby cousin
  214. Disney Photo
  215. My daughter and her friend
  216. Pimp That Room!
  217. Clear them up
  218. Mom and Dad
  219. Cropping party pics from tonight - How??
  220. Behold... The flying cat!
  221. Blown Out Sky
  222. Text needed
  223. I need a new background on wedding photo
  224. Struggling with edit could use some help!!!
  225. Water spots on clothing
  226. Project Cover
  227. background changes?
  228. hide bra
  229. Bryce 5.5
  230. Can anyone remove a wire for me?
  231. Hello & Can you help
  232. little dog and cat on roof!
  233. water girl
  234. Black & white To Color
  235. ferris wheel. :)
  236. Does it need editing ?
  237. GIMP
  238. Help me :)
  239. A secret club logo! :)
  240. my daughter and her friend
  241. How would you crop this?
  242. my sons mario toys
  243. she loves these can you make them better?
  244. Make more interesting?
  245. Bug with Virtual Tour
  246. Eyebrows
  247. Buldgyness????
  248. Whyleds for plant growing
  249. Sports Photo!
  250. Please help fix blurry photo